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This retrofit interface from The Cockpit UK enables you to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality on your cars original screen. 

Retains full original factory information displayed on the cars screen.


  • Superior sound quality due to good quality components
  • Wireless or wired Apple CarPlay functionality for iPhone 5 or later.
  • Wired Android Auto functionality for compatible Android phone models.
  • Screen mirroring function for iPhone and Android phones.
  • Use your favourite phone apps for GPS navigation and be notified of the live traffic information from Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, TomTom.
  • Allows handsfree calling and messaging.
  • Voice control via Siri or Google
  • Play music from your favourite streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, BBC Sounds and many more.
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth, so CarPlay will auto connect and display when you step in the car.
  • It can also be connected via USB port (included in the kit) to keep your phone charged at the same time or play music and videos from a USB flash drive/hard drive. 
  • Full central button control.
  • Inbuilt interface for front and rear cameras.
  • Switch in/out of CarPlay display at anytime using factory controls.
  • Fully CE Approved/FCC Certified/RoHS Compliant.
  • 1 Year Warranty and lifetime support.
  • Installation time between 2-3 Hours.


Using the iDrive system you’ll be able to navigate through the Apple Carplay as if it were installed from factory.

Top Features:

  • Full Apple CarPlay Functionality for iPhone 5 and above
  • Compatible with IOS14 and the latest iPhone 12
  • Use of Original Screen and Controls
  • Full GPS Navigation via Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze
  • Music Streaming via Spotify, Apple Music etc
  • Handsfree Calling and Messaging via Siri
  • Can connect Wireless or Via Cable (To keep your device charged)



Android Auto is your smart driving companion. With a simplified interface, large buttons and powerful voice actions, Android Auto is designed to make it easier to use apps from your phone while you’re on the road.

Top Features:

  • Route to your next destination using Google Maps with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts.
  • Make calls using voice actions and answer incoming calls with just a tap.
  • Listen to your favourite media apps including Google Play Music, Spotify, TuneIn, and many more Audio apps.
  • Send and receive messages through voice actions using SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many more messaging apps.


How do I control the system?

The system is operated by genuine buttons. (Siri voice control, knobs, buttons) - if you’re looking to upgrade to something touchscreen with CarPlay, check out our range of touchscreen display upgrades.


How do I switch between the original system and the new MMI system?

On your Porsche headunit hold the “NAV” or "INFO" Button to flick between the new MMI menu and the original Porsche PCM system.

Will this void my warranty?

On a general note, no, this shouldn't void your warranty as all of our MMI systems are fully reversible meaning you can install and uninstall our products as you wish, without removing, replacing or damaging any of your original vehicle’s components, however there are exceptions on certain cars in which the original manufacturer warranty seals on the radio head unit itself have to be opened to install a PCB poard component. If you really want to make sure, we always advise checking with your vehicle's warranty provider

Can I install this myself?

Yes, you have the option to install this yourself by all means, however we also offer a fitting service, you can take it to one of our approved third party dealer locations around the UK.

Does this need any coding done to it after it’s installed?

No, it doesn’t require any coding at all, our MMI module is designed to be completely plug and play.

PLEASE NOTE: only iPhone’s are compatible with Apple CarPlay and only Android phones are compatible with Android Auto

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